Our Biggest Order Yet

When an order is requested that is exponentially larger than any order you’ve had, it is like putting together a 5,000 piece puzzle for the first time with a timer counting down when you have only ever completed a 500 piece puzzle before. Over the last several years, social enterprise has exponentially grown. So when our biggest order to date came in, it was the very thing we had been preparing for. 

The minute this order was requested, every step of the process from the beginning to the end had to be laid out all before the work was started. Even when every step is laid out, there are unexpected delays that really push you into the realm of whether it is possible or not. However, backing down from a challenge doesn’t rival the resilience and determination with which we face difficult things at Elijah Rising Goods. 

The month of our biggest order is the same month that our new employees started, and it didn’t exactly seem ideal to throw them into such a massive undertaking. However, the women I get to work with are incredibly amazing, and the team I work with came in to support when it was needed most. Long hours and exhaustion, an incredible team and volunteers, and plenty of frustration and laughs got us through shipping over 2,000 pounds of product to our customer just in time. That order set us up going into our busiest season in a really great place, and it helped us finish out our year strong. 

Here are some of the most important lessons that were learned from that order:

  1. Asking for help is crucial to overcoming massive challenges. You are a part of a team for a reason, and it’s more rewarding when you allow others to champion you.
  2. There’s never an ideal time to do something new. I am so thankful that our new team members started working that month. It bonded us a team and laid a great foundation where we know that we can do anything that’s in front of us.
  3. ALWAYS order more supplies than you think you need….You can always use what’s leftover for something else :).