Their words were never mine.

 But I held them as my own.

Their thoughts were never I,

 but I refused to let them go.

My heart though cold as stone 

had hope that pierced me deep.

It scared my tired soul

 I feared the thought of me

But then a word appeared

 with light that stung my eyes

I fought back pools of tears

 and saw that it was mine

I never knew she spoke,

 She never knew to try

She could when she awoke, 

She took up space and time

My words are now my own, 

I Speak them now as mine

They are free to fly and go

I know her now as I

By Her.

Though you may not see our faces, the women employed by the Elijah Rising Social enterprise are anything but silent. We have strength, boldness, and a message to share. We hope you will enjoy this series of poems by the women in our shop. This empowering way to share our truth should remind you that you are making a real impact on a real person. Thank you for your support, and your belief in our enterprise.