Daughter Morse Code Bracelet


These morse code bracelets are made by survivors at ethic goods. Each bracelet has a word written in morse code with the beads.

During the design process, it was important to create pieces that would be just as meaningful to wear as they were powerful to purchase. I have collected so many “compassion buys” over the years; items I didn’t like to support causes and people I loved. When our team started talking about the values and ideas we most wanted to embody and communicate as a brand, they were simple things like love, courage, hope and dreams for a better future. We wanted to embody joy that’s the real deal, and to solve problems creatively. In our Morse Code Collection we’re wearing them. These simple words have deep meanings. Like our artisans, we want our lives to be defined by our potential, our capabilities, the best version of us. Not our fears or our losses. While the Morse Code line isn’t the entirety of our spring collection, we feel like it is the heart of our team, our artisans, and you, our world changing customers who make all the difference.

-Maegan Hawley, Founder of Ethic Goods